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Our History

Pet Simplified was created by Rachel Poli, an avid pet parent, and pet sitter. After five years of being a content writer and ghostwriter for a few dog websites, Rachel noticed how all of them lack extra resources for pet sitters and other caretakers.

So, she decided to create a website of her own including all this information and more. Except, Pet Simplified plans to include all kinds of pets – dogs, cats, aquariums, reptiles, and more.

In 2022, Pet Simplified opened as a website for pet parents and pet sitters to research information about dogs and cats.

Our Mission

Pet Simplified strives to provide educational content for pet parents and pet sitters. Including, but not limited to, breed guides, nutrition information, training tips, overall care advice, and more.

In addition, our content will include tips and tricks for pet sitters caring for animals, handling, clients, and more.

As of 2022, Pet Simplified has content for dog lovers and cat lovers. However, more animals are planned to be added in the near future.


Please note that while Pet Simplified offers nutrition and medical information, we do not intend to diagnose or give medical treatment. Our team is not veterinarians or animal nutritionists.

Always talk to your pet’s veterinarian about dietary needs and medical advice. If there is an emergency, bring them to the emergency veterinarian hospital right away.

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About Rachel Poli | PetSimplified.com

Rachel Poli is a content writer and author, but her real job is being a stay-at-home pet mom. Her zoo currently consists of a dog, a cat, two turtles, and two fish tanks. She’s also an avid pet sitter for a few local families, caring for various animals.

After realizing how little information there is for pet sitters on the internet, Rachel decided to start her own animal website. She strives to educate pet parents and pet sitters about the overall care of our furry friends.

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At home, Rachel has a dog, a cat, a turtle, a tortoise, and two fish tanks. In addition, her immediate family also has two more dogs and a bunny.

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