There’s a lot to love about the American Wirehair cat breed. Created by accident, this kitty is friendly, affectionate, and laid-back. To learn more about this loveable breed, keep reading. 

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American Wirehair Cat Breed Overview
Height9 - 11 inches
Weight8 - 15 pounds
Lifespan14 - 18 years
TemperamentFriendly, Affectionate, Calm
Suitable ForAll households, children, seniors, other pets

History Of The American Wirehair Cat Breed

Believe it or not, the American Wirehair is an American-made cat breed. However, it wasn’t created on purpose.

This cat breed results from a spontaneous mutation, which is uncommon but not rare. The litter that started it all came from farm cats in upstate New York in 1966. 

But what is a spontaneous mutation? It means a kitten that’s unlike its parents or littermates is born. It doesn’t take after many genes from its parents.

In other words, the American Wirehair cat breed was developed accidentally.

The farm cat breeds are all over the United States. However, as of today, this breed has not been reported in any other country. 

This breed was unique from its parents and littermates because it had a wire coat. In addition, the wire coat was the dominant gene. So, a wirehair cat litter will have a few American Wirehair kittens. 

In 1967, the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) accepted this cat breed into recognition.

All You Need To Know About The Easy Going American Wirehair Cat Breed |

What Do American Wirehair Cats Look Like?

According to the CFA’s breed standard, the American Wirehair breed has a proportionate head to the rest of its body.

They have medium ears that are slightly rounded at the tips, with their eyes being large and round.

The legs are medium length and well-muscled with heavy pads.

This cat breed is medium to large in overall size. Males are typically larger than females. However, the average height is about nine to 11 inches tall. The average weight of this breed is between eight and 15 pounds.

Their curly whiskers and wire coat make them unique compared to other cat breeds.

The coat is medium in length, with each hair looking crimped or hooked. The overall jacket is dense and coarse.

What Coat Colors Does The American Wirehair Have?

As with most cats, American Wirehair colors have a wide range. For example, they can have solid colors, such as the following:

  • White
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Cream
  • Orange
  • Ebony
  • Gray
  • Lavender
  • Silver
  • Beige
  • Tan
  • Fawn

In addition, they can have coat patterns. For instance, this kitty may be bi-color, tri-color, tabby, calico, or color point. 

All You Need To Know About The Easy Going American Wirehair Cat Breed |

American Wirehair Pet Care

Having American Wirehairs as pets is a delight for any home. The breed is relatively low-maintenance to care for. Here’s everything you need to know about caring for your American Wirehair kitten.


You won’t need to worry about grooming your cat too often. Cats groom themselves, but you can still do your part to help them remain as clean as possible.

Usually, you’d still want to brush your cat’s coat regularly. But due to their coarse fur, routinely brushing your cat’s coat can damage it.

So, you’ll still want to brush their fur once every two weeks. Unless you notice it getting too long or tangled, you won’t need to keep up with brushing. 

With that said, they’ll do well with the occasional bath. This will help remove any dead hair and keep shedding under control. 

Yes, this breed does shed a moderate amount. So, unfortunately, this kitty isn’t considered to be hypoallergenic.

Finally, keep up with cleaning your cat’s ears, trimming their nails, and brushing their teeth regularly.


Even though this cat breed can be energetic, they are prone to obesity. This feline loves to eat.

So, having a diet formulated for weight control is a good idea.

However, consult with your vet if you don’t know which cat food to get your feline friend. They’ll help you decide on the correct diet for your kitty.

Whatever food you choose, ensure it’s appropriate for your cat’s breed size, age, weight, and metabolism.

Check out cat food on Amazon.

All You Need To Know About The Easy Going American Wirehair Cat Breed |


American Wirehair cats have similar exercise habits as other cat breeds. They will sleep for most of the day but will have bursts of energy here and there.

They’ll enjoy playing with their toys, such as cat wands, with you. Or, they’ll love exploring the house and climbing on things. So, be sure to get them a tall cat tree.


Cats are more challenging to train than dog breeds. While they’re intelligent, cats are independent and do what they want. So even if they understand what you want them to do, it’ll be up to them if they want to listen or not.

However, American Wirehairs do love to learn. You’ll be able to litter box train them quickly. They’ll respond well to scratching post training, as well.

If you want to spend more time with your cat and allow them to get more exercise, you can train your kitty to walk with a harness on, too. 

Health Problems

The good news about American Wirehair cats is that they’re generally healthy. However, this doesn’t mean they’re invincible to health issues.

For example, they can get the following:

  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM)
  • Obesity

Bring your feline friend to the vet at least once a year for a checkup.

As a kitten, you can bring them more often to keep them up to date with their vaccinations. You’ll also be able to keep track of their growth and development. 

The average American Wirehair lifespan is between 14 and 18 years with proper care. 

All You Need To Know About The Easy Going American Wirehair Cat Breed |

Temperament Of The American Wirehair

This cat breed has many wonderful traits. While no two cats are alike, depending on their personality, there’s still a lot to love about the American Wirehair.

Overall, this kitty is affectionate, social, and well-mannered. They’re excellent feline companions for any home.

For example, they’ll do well living with a young couple, a family with children, seniors, or households with other pets. This cat gets along well with dogs, other cats, and even small animals such as guinea pigs.

In addition, they’re sociable when it comes to meeting new people. So, you can have company come over to the house whenever you want. Most likely, your kitty will greet them instead of hiding. 

American Wirehairs are independent but love to hang out with their humans. They enjoy a few good play sessions throughout the day. Otherwise, they’ll cuddle beside you on the couch.

Even though they enjoy being with you, they’re not prone to separation anxiety. You can leave them home alone for a few hours, and they’ll do fine.

Also, they’re not a vocal breed. Instead, they prefer to use body language to communicate with you, so you’ll only hear a meow occasionally.

Due to their laid-back and quiet nature, American Wirehairs will do well living in an apartment. They can do well in a bigger house, too. This cat should always remain an indoor cat. 

Are There Any Differences Between Males And Females?

No, not really. Aside from their physical size, males and females are similar.

All You Need To Know About The Easy Going American Wirehair Cat Breed |

Who Should Own The American Wirehair?

This cat breed is suitable for any living situation. They’re friendly with everyone and adapt well.

You can have a busy or quiet household, and your cat will do well. They won’t mind living with a young couple, an older couple, young children, or other animals. 

Where Can You Get An American Wirehair Cat?

As with most cat breeds, you’ll be able to find this kitty at your local animal shelter or breed rescue organization. These places will have a purebred American Wirehair for sale or a mixed breed.

In addition, you may find this breed as a kitten, adult, or senior. These cats need a loving home, too. Remember to adopt and don’t shop. 

An excellent place to start your search is on Rescue Me.

However, you can go through a reputable breeder if you have trouble coming across this breed—research a few breeders before deciding to work with one.

An ethical breeder will do the following:

  • Socialize and train the kittens as early as possible
  • Ensure the kittens are up to date with their shots and boosters
  • Health screen the parents before breeding to ensure it’s safe and healthy
  • Treat the casts as part of the family (using no kennels unless for training purposes)
  • We want to meet with you in person to get to know one another

In addition, a good breeder will be there with you every step of the adoption process. They want to make sure the kittens find a good home.

To find a breeder with American Wirehair kittens for sale, check out the CFA’s breeder list.

Question Corner: FAQs About The American Wirehair Cat Breed

Read through the frequently asked questions below to learn more about this loving kitty.

All You Need To Know About The Easy Going American Wirehair Cat Breed |

What’s The Average Cost Of The American Wirehair?

The average American Wirehair price is between $800 and $1,200. Unfortunately, this breed can be hard to come by. The cost may reflect that, in addition to the number of kittens, their location, and the breeder’s reputation.

Are American Wirehair Cats Aggressive?

Not at all. These cats are friendly with anyone. This breed is friendly and easygoing, whether it’s people they know or don’t know or another animal.

Are American Wirehair Cats Hypoallergenic?

No, this cat breed is not hypoallergenic. They still shed an average amount. Also, cats regularly groom themselves, getting saliva all over themselves and the house. 

Is The American Wirehair Right For You?

If you’re looking for a low-key cat companion that’s low-maintenance to care for and gets along well with everyone, then the American Wirehair cat breed is a good option. 

All You Need To Know About The Easy Going American Wirehair Cat Breed |
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