Are blueberries safe for cats to eat? In a nutshell, yes, you can feed cats blueberries. However, while blueberries are rich in nutrients for humans, the same doesn’t apply to cats. So, can cats eat blueberries? Keep reading to learn more.

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Can Cats Have Blueberries?

Yes, cats can have blueberries. But should cats eat blueberries? Unfortunately, blueberries shouldn’t be added to a cat’s regular diet. Instead, this tiny berry is ideal for an occasional treat.

As with all human foods for cats, blueberries should only be given to them in small quantities and moderation.

However, this small fruit does contain some nutritional value for your cat.

Blueberry Nutritional Facts

Let’s go over the nutritional facts of the typical blueberry. According to Healthline, the following chart shows the nutritional value of a 3.5-ounce cup of raw blueberries.

Blueberry Nutrition FactsAmount in Grams
Carbs14.5 grams
Fat0.3 grams
Fiber2.4 grams
Protein0.7 grams
Sugar10 grams

In addition, blueberries contain antioxidants and the following:

  • Calcium
  • Copper
  • Manganese
  • Phosphorous
  • Potassium
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin K1
Can Cats Eat Blueberries? The Surprising Answer Is Here |

What Are The Benefits Of Feeding Cats Blueberries?

Cats are carnivores. So, they don’t need fruits and vegetables as a balanced diet. However, the occasional fruit as a treat isn’t a bad idea.

Even though cats don’t need all the nutritional benefits that blueberries offer, these small berries can still be good for your feline friend.

Blueberries are commonly known as a superfood. This is because they help regular blood sugar levels, support brain health, and also support heart health.

For cats, blueberries also help support urinary health.

One of the cats’ most common health issues is Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD). Blueberries help clean their bladder and stop bad bacteria from clinging to the bladder wall. 

What Are The Disadvantages Of Feeding Cats Blueberries?

Luckily, there aren’t too many disadvantages to feeding cats blueberries. However, this fruit is high in sugar.

So, if your feline has diabetes or other health issues, too much sugar can make them sick.

On the other hand, blueberries are small. So if your cat isn’t careful, these berries will pose a choking hazard.

Finally, even though blueberries are low in calories, most cat breeds are prone to obesity. So, be careful not to provide too many extra calories in the day.

How Many Blueberries Can Cats Eat?

As with most human foods, cats should only have blueberries in small amounts once in a while. So, when first trying this berry with your kitty, only give them one. Then, monitor your cat for the next 48 hours.

It’s uncommon for cats to be allergic to blueberries, but it’s still possible your cat may react badly to them.

After a few days, if your cat enjoyed the treat and it didn’t seem to bother them, you can give them blueberries as a treat.

Depending on your cat’s age and weight, you can give them about one to two blueberries daily as a snack.

As with most foods, check with your veterinarian before providing blueberries to your cat. Together, you and your vet can decide whether or not it’ll be suitable for their diet. 

Can Cats Eat Blueberries? The Surprising Answer Is Here |

How To Feed Your Cat Blueberries

The best way to provide blueberries to your cat is fresh and raw.

When giving blueberries to your kitty, you can give them a whole berry, cut it in half, or mash it.

However, no matter how you feed blueberries to your cat, you’ll want to monitor them eating it. Whole or half berries can be a choking hazard.

Once in a while, you can mash a berry or two and use it as a food topper for your cat’s dinner. So they’ll get some extra nutrients and add flavor to their meal.

When buying blueberries at the store, try to buy organic. You’ll know that these particular berries were grown without herbicides or pesticides.

Organic or not, you’ll want to wash the fruit thoroughly before sharing it with your feline friend. 

Blueberry-Flavored Cat Treats

Even though cats don’t necessarily need blueberries in their diet, it’s a popular flavor.

If you don’t want to add fresh blueberries to your cat’s diet, you can buy treats with blueberries as an ingredient.

Cat-Friendly Recipes That Include Blueberries

On the other hand, you can put a personal spin on it and make homemade cat treats. This blueberry and oatmeal bar recipe will be delicious for your feline friend.

Question Corner: FAQs About Cats Eating Blueberries

Are you still unsure about whether you should give your cats blueberries? Then, read through the frequently asked questions about it answered below.

Do Blueberries Give Cats Diarrhea?

If they eat too many blueberries, then yes. As a result, your cat may get an upset stomach, have diarrhea, or feel lethargic. Luckily, blueberries are not toxic to cats, but they can still make them sick in large amounts.

Can Cats Eat Blueberries? The Surprising Answer Is Here |

Can Cats Have Blueberry Extract?

Yes, they can. They can help their urinary health. Most cat food contains blueberry extract as an ingredient. You can find cat treats or use fresh blueberries to add extra nutrients. 

Can Cats Eat Dried Blueberries?

Cats can eat dried blueberries but should eat fresh, raw berries. Dried fruit loses nutrient value and can sometimes be too tough for your kitty to chew.

Can Cats Eat Blueberry Muffins?

No, cats should not eat blueberry muffins. Even if it has blueberry extract or real blueberries in the mix, this food contains too many other ingredients that are not safe for cats to consume.

Can Cats Eat Blueberry Waffles Or Pancakes?

Similar to muffins, blueberry waffles or pancakes have too many unsafe ingredients. So, cats should stay away from blueberry pancakes and waffles.

Can Cats Eat Blueberry Yogurt?

The short answer is no. No matter the flavor, yogurt can be high in sugar and is dairy. Therefore, cats should not eat dairy, especially in large amounts. 

Can Cats Eat Blueberry Jam?

Blueberry jam is safe for cats to eat. However, they should stay away from it. Jam contains added sugar and preservatives that are unhealthy and unsafe for cats to consume.

Can Cats Eat Blueberry Pie?

No, cats should not eat blueberry pie. The pie crust has other ingredients that aren’t safe for cats to eat.

What Age Can Cats Eat Blueberries?

Kittens have particular nutrient needs to grow and develop well. They can have blueberries, but it would be best to wait until they are at least a year old to try this fruit.

Should You Give Your Cat Blueberries?

So, are blueberries good for cats? Yes, they are. However, they don’t need to be added to your kitty’s diet. Blueberries are a yummy and occasional healthy snack. 

Can Cats Eat Blueberries? The Surprising Answer Is Here |
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