Believe it or not, yes. Dogs can have carrots. Carrots are a healthy, low-calorie snack for your pup. In addition, this vegetable has many other health benefits. Keep reading to learn more.  

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Can Dogs Have Carrots?

Are carrots safe for dogs to eat? Yes, they are. This veggie is filled with nutritional value and can help your dog in more ways than one.

Carrot Nutritional Facts

According to Healthline, two small to medium raw carrots contain the following:

Carrot Nutrition FactsAmount in Grams
Carbs9.6 grams
Fat0.2 grams
Fiber2.8 grams
Protein0.9 grams
Sugar4.7 grams

As you can see, carrots are a great source of water content that’s low in fat and calories.

In addition, carrots contain many vitamins and minerals, such as:

  • Antioxidants (such as beta carotene)
  • Biotin
  • Potassium
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin K1

Carrots work hard to prevent cancer, lower blood cholesterol, promote eye health, and aid with weight loss.

Can Dogs Eat Carrots? Benefits You Need To Know |

What Are The Benefits Of Feeding Dogs Carrots?

So, are carrots good for dogs? Absolutely. All the nutritional benefits listed above ring true for both humans and pups.

As with most fruits and vegetables, carrots aid dog breeds in many ways.

For example, carrots can help your doggo’s vision, digestive system (thanks to fiber), and heart health and keep their skin and coat healthy and looking nice.

But did you know that carrots also suit a dog’s dental health? Of course, this vegetable should not replace brushing your dog’s teeth, but chewing on a raw carrot can help scrape plaque off their teeth.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Feeding Dogs Carrots?

As with most human foods, carrots should only be fed to your doggo in moderation. Some larger dog breeds may be able to have one small to medium carrot every day or every couple of days.

On the other hand, smaller dog breeds should only have one to two baby carrots once every few days.

Vegetables, including carrots, contain natural sugars. However, if your dog has diabetes or other health issues, too much sugar will make them sick.

Also, raw carrots can sometimes be tough to chew. This veggie can become a choking hazard if the pieces are too big.

Constantly monitor your dog when feeding them carrots. 

Can Dogs Eat Carrots? Benefits You Need To Know |

How To Feed Your Dog Carrots

You can provide this veggie to your furry friend; however, you would typically eat a carrot. For example, dogs can eat raw carrots, cooked carrots, shredded carrots, mashed carrots, frozen carrots, and even carrot juice.

When buying carrots at the grocery store, get organic. These veggies are grown without the use of herbicides or pesticides.

However, always wash the carrots thoroughly before cooking them or giving them to your doggo.

In some cases, cooking vegetables may lose nutrients. That doesn’t happen with carrots. However, some vitamins will lose their value if you boil a carrot. You can still give your pup boiled carrots, but they won’t be as nutritious.

You can do so when giving carrots to your canine companion in many ways. First, frozen carrots are a great snack to chew on. Not only is it nutritious for them, but it’s mentally stimulating and acts as a chew toy. Not to mention that it’ll help out their teeth in the process.

Alternatively, you can give them small pieces of raw or cooked carrots as a treat. It can work well as training treats.

Adding shredded carrots or mashed carrots as a meal topper to their dinner is also a great way to give your dog extra nutrients.

However, most commercial dog food already contains carrots as an ingredient. Also, your dog doesn’t need carrots regularly to remain healthy.

Your dog’s diet should follow the 90/10 rule. This rule means 90% of their diet should be high-quality dog food. The other 10% can be dog treats, including fruits and vegetables like carrots. 

Before giving carrots to your doggo, talk with your veterinarian. Then, only give your dog one miniature piece to see how they react to it. They may not like the carrot, or it may bother their system. Dogs are uncommon to be allergic to carrots, but anything can happen.

Can Dogs Eat Carrots? Benefits You Need To Know |

Carrot-Flavored Dog Treats

If you don’t have any natural carrots at home or want to keep this veggie in your pup’s diet, you can always try buying dog treats containing carrots.

Shop for carrot-flavored dog treats.

Dog-Friendly Recipes That Include Carrots

On the other hand, you can create dog-friendly dog treats at home. Try a few of the recipes listed below:

Question Corner: FAQs About Dogs Eating Carrots

If you’re still not convinced to share carrots with your doggo, you can learn more by reading the frequently asked questions answered below.

Can Dogs Eat Carrots Everyday?

Depending on your dog’s dietary needs and size, yes. Dogs can have one or two small carrots per day. However, keep an eye on their sugar levels. Feeding them carrots as a treat rather than a daily snack is best. Moderation is key. 

Can Dogs Have Raw Carrots?

Absolutely. Raw carrots are not only nutritious, but they’ll help keep your dog’s teeth clean as they chew on them.

Can Dogs Have Cooked Carrots?

Cooked carrots are an excellent idea to get extra nutrients into your pup. Plus, cooking carrots help soften them up, making them easier to chew.

Can Dogs Have Frozen Carrots?

Frozen carrots are great for teething pups. They can also be a fun chew toy to keep your dog’s mind occupied. All the while, they’re getting a tasty snack that’s healthy for them. 

Can Dogs Eat Carrots? Benefits You Need To Know |

Can Dogs Eat All Parts Of The Carrot?

Yes, they can. The leafy greens at the top and the actual carrot are safe for your doggo to consume. 

Can Dogs Have Carrot Juice?

Yes, but only if you juice the carrots yourself and there are no other ingredients than water. Buying carrot juice from the store will add extra sugar and preservatives, which aren’t safe for your dog. 

Can Dogs Eat Carrot Cake?

Technically, yes, but you shouldn’t give your dog a slice of carrot. It’ll be okay if you make it with dog-safe ingredients for their birthday. But store-bought carrot cake won’t be good due to the amount of sugar.

Can Puppies Eat Carrots?

Yes, carrots are an excellent snack for puppies, especially frozen carrots. They’ll help your puppy get through their teething phase. Of course, puppies have different nutritional needs since they’re growing and developing, but carrots can be an occasional healthy snack for them.

Can Senior Dogs Have Carrots?

Yes, older dogs can certainly have carrots. This veggie will help keep their strength up if they don’t eat as much anymore. Also, cooked carrots will be a good idea since they’re easier to chew if your elderly pup has problems eating. 

Should You Give Your Dog Carrots?

So, can dogs have carrots? Yes! Carrots are probably one of the better vegetables you can provide for your dog. It has so many uses, and your pup will surely love it. 

Can Dogs Eat Carrots? Benefits You Need To Know |
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