A cat hiding under bed is nothing to worry about. Most of the time, this behavior is normal. However, sometimes it can mean something else is going on with your kitty. Keep reading to learn more about this behavior. 

Cat Hiding Under Bed: What Does It Mean?

There are many reasons why your cat may hide under the bed. Sometimes, it might be a quiet place for them to sleep, and they like it. But, in other cases, something else entirely may be going on.

However, how are you supposed to know the reason?

Once you get to know your cat, you should be able to recognize certain behavior habits. So, first, let’s go over a few reasons your cat may be hiding under the bed.

Cat Hiding Under Bed: 6 Reasons And What To Do | PetSimplified.com

Reason One: Your Cat Is Afraid

One of the main reasons your kitty may hide at all might be because they’re scared. Several things may trigger fear in your cat.

For example, something brief might have spooked them. A loud noise, such as fireworks or thunder, may cause this.

On the other hand, maybe there are too many people in the house or a stranger they don’t recognize. If a friend brought over their dog, your cat might be nervous around the new animal.

Your cat may not necessarily be scared, either. They could simply be shy and don’t feel like socializing with anyone.

Unless there is something in the house that constantly spooks your cat, don’t worry. Your feline friend should leave hiding soon enough when they feel the threat has diminished.

Reason Two: Under The Bed Is Safe

Another reason is that cats need security. Similar to the previous reason, when cats are nervous or feel as though they’re being threatened, they’ll find a secure shelter.

Under the bed is dark, quiet, and hidden. So, your cat will naturally scurry under there. It’s ample coverage for them.

Reason Three: They’re Stressed Or Anxious

Stress and anxiety may also cause your kitty to go under the bed. But, they’re looking for a safe space to hide out for a short time.

A few things can cause a stressed cat. They might be afraid, or they might feel threatened. You might have brought a new pet into the house or a new person.

On the other hand, new cats tend to hide upon being brought home. This behavior is due to being in a new environment surrounded by new people and animals.

If you recently brought home a cat or a kitten (it doesn’t matter how old they are or if they’ve had a family before), you can expect them to hide under the bed, under the couch, or where ever they can fit.

In due time, your cat will feel confident enough to explore more of the house.

Cat Hiding Under Bed: 6 Reasons And What To Do | PetSimplified.com

Reason Four: Your Cat Is Expecting Kittens

If you have an expectant mother at home, the kittens may arrive sooner than you thought.

If your cat is hiding under the bed, it might prepare to give birth soon. They might go under the bed because it’s dark and secure. Therefore, it’s easier to defend their litter if needed.

On the other hand, under the bed is a familiar spot to them. The area most likely smells like you. So, this spot brings your cat comfort.

Reason Five: Your Cat Has An Illness

Unfortunately, your cat hiding under the bed might be a sign that something is wrong. If hiding is new behavior for your feline, they might feel under the weather. 

Cats will hide in the wild when they’re sick or in pain. Hiding allows them to recover without any threats. Then, they’ll come out when they feel like they can defend themselves again.

In most cases, you don’t need to be alarmed. However, it’s time to call the vet if your cat doesn’t come out for food or water. 

Reason Six: Your Kitty Is Dying

Finally, your cat may hide under the bed because they’re dying. As mentioned before, cats hide when they’re not feeling well.

Cats can tell when their life is coming to an end. They know something is wrong with them, so they hide to protect themselves.

If you have an older kitty who may or may not be sick and suddenly start hiding, call your vet to check them out, just in case. 

Cat Hiding Under Bed: 6 Reasons And What To Do | PetSimplified.com

How To Help Your Kitty Feel Safe

In most cases, you simply need to give your cat some time. They’ll come out of their hiding spot when they feel safe and comfortable enough to do so. 

If your new kitten is hiding under the bed upon bringing them home, they may take a day or two to warm up to the new environment.

You can remain in the same room and go about your day. Let them get used to the noises of the house and your voice.

On the other hand, if they’re hiding because they’re afraid, you can give them time or lure them out with treats or toys. Then, if they come out, spend some time with your kitty. Show them that there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Alternatively, if your cat is afraid of loud noises and fireworks go off, you can let them hide. Then, once the fireworks are over, you can try to lure them out if your cat doesn’t come out on their own.

In addition, you could give your kitty an alternative place to hide. For example, keep a cat bed or a cardboard box with blankets in the room.

Your cat might be looking for a comfy spot rather than hide. Your bed will smell familiar to them, so they decide to go under the bed.

Trust is a crucial component for your cat. One of the best ways to ensure they don’t go hiding under the bed is if they trust you and the environment.

Spend time with your feline friend daily, whether playing with toys, brushing their fur, or cuddling with them.

Cats will tend to find you for comfort rather than hiding. But, of course, they may still hide under the bed occasionally. They’re independent animals.

But it might be time to call your vet if your cat rarely hides under the bed or is under there for long periods.

Question Corner: FAQs About Cats Hiding Under Beds

If you want to learn more, then read through the frequently asked questions answered below.

Cat Hiding Under Bed: 6 Reasons And What To Do | PetSimplified.com

Why Is My Cat Hiding Under The Bed Suddenly?

Your cat may hide under the bed if they’re stressed, afraid, or doesn’t feel well. Hiding under the bed gives them a sense of security. Unless your cat is sick, they’ll come out in due time. Otherwise, if you’re truly worried, you can call your vet.

How Do You Get Your Cat Out From Under Your Bed?

You can let them hide depending on why they are hiding under the bed. Give them time, and they’ll come out on their own. Alternatively, you can lure them out with treats or toys.

Why Is My New Kitten Hiding From Me?

If you recently adopted a kitten, they might hide because they’re not used to you or their new environment. It’ll take them some time to warm up to their new home. This behavior is normal; your kitten will emerge when they feel brave enough. 

Should You Call The Vet When The Cat Hides Under The Bed?

If your cat hides under the bed when they don’t typically, monitor your cat. Call your vet to be on the safe side if they don’t come out for dinner or for water. In most cases, though, your cat wants some quiet time, and there’s nothing to be alarmed about. 

Cat Hiding Under Bed: 6 Reasons And What To Do | PetSimplified.com
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