A female cat in heat behavior can vary vastly from their normal behavior. If they’re not spayed, your feline may be in heat for a while. So let’s talk about the different signs of your cat being in heat.

What Does It Mean When A Cat Is In Heat?

In a nutshell, when cats go into heat, they’re ready to mate and reproduce. As a result, they’re fertile and ready to become a mother.

Female cats can go into their heat cycle, also known as the estrous cycle or oestrus cycle, once every 14 to 21 days, in which they can have multiple partners.

Cat In Heat Behavior: Signs You Need To Know | PetSimplified.com

Various Cat In Heat Behavior

You can’t measure your kitty’s hormone levels at home. However, their behavior and mood will change when they begin their estrus cycle. So let’s discuss some multiple signs your cat may show.

Excessive Grooming

Can cats gets periods?

Unlike humans and dogs, cats do not bleed during their heat cycle. So, even though there’s no blood, your feline may excessively lick her genital area to keep it clean.

However, excessive licking in this area could also signify a urinary tract infection (UTI). Contact your veterinarian if you’re unsure if your cat is in heat or has a medical problem.

Loss Of Appetite

If your cat begins to eat less or stops eating altogether for about a day, it’s nothing to be alarmed about. She’s more focused on finding a mate rather than having dinner. 

However, this sort of behavior should not last more than two weeks. If it does, there may be something medically going on. So, contact your vet about it.

Mating Call And Position

Your feline friend will get louder if you have a vocally inclined cat. This vocalization is a mating call. She’s alerting any male cats in the area that she’s available.

In addition, she’ll assume the lordosis position, also known as the mating position. She will bend her forelegs forward, bowing her head, and raising her rear. Her tail will be raised high and held to the side of her body.

This position exposes the perineum, inviting male cats to mate with her. 

Cat In Heat Behavior: Signs You Need To Know | PetSimplified.com

Marking Territory

Your cat will spray certain parts of the house with her urine to mark her territory. As annoying as this is, it’s completely normal.

Marking her territory not only marks her scent but it releases hormones. You may have male cats around your house that you’ve never seen before, trying to get into the house to mate with your kitty.

In addition, the male cats may mark their territory in your yard or on your house. This is their way of telling other males that your female kitty belongs to them. 

To save your furniture, you can try to cover most of it to make it easier to clean. Otherwise, clean up the urine as soon as possible so nothing stains or smells.

More Affectionate Than Usual

No matter how affectionate your cat is, she’ll become sweeter and more affectionate.

She will show signs of higher affection toward you and other pets in the home, including cats or dogs. She’ll also rub against furniture and other items in the house. 

Tries To Escape

Even an indoor cat will attempt to escape the house when in heat. This is because she knows potential suitors are outside.

Ensure all escape routes are blocked, and be mindful when coming in or out of the house. Do your best to play with her extra to help distract her mind. 

Question Corner: FAQs About Cat In Heat Behavior

Do you have more questions about cats going into heat? Check out the frequently asked questions answered below.

When Does A Female Cat Have Her First Estrous Cycle?

Most cats reach sexual maturity around six months old. However, this time may vary depending on the time of year.

Cat In Heat Behavior: Signs You Need To Know | PetSimplified.com

How Long Does The Heat Cycle Last?

A cat can be in heat for as long as one day to 21 days, but the average length is about seven days. If she doesn’t mate, the heat cycle may halt from anywhere between two and 19 days, with an average of seven days. Overall, the heat cycle may last between one and six weeks, with an average of three weeks. 

Can Female Cats Go Into Heat After Being Spayed?

No, female cats will not go into heat once they are spayed. Spaying will remove their uterus and ovaries, so they can no longer reproduce.

Can Male Cats Go Into Heat?

No, male cats do not go into heat. They may show similar behaviors during mating season when they reach sexual maturity. However, male cats cannot get pregnant. Therefore, they don’t get into a heat cycle.

Should You Allow Your Cat To Go Into Heat?

Unless you’re a professional cat breeder, there’s no reason to let your feline go through a heat cycle. Instead, you should spay your cat when they are about four to five months old before its first heat cycle. Not only will it save you some headaches, but it’s healthier for the cat. 

Cat In Heat Behavior: Signs You Need To Know | PetSimplified.com
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