Do you need to groom your long haired cat? The short answer is yes. Even though cats do a great job cleaning themselves, they still need a good regular brushing. In addition, long haired cats are prone to shedding and matting. So, let’s talk about long haired cat grooming.

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How To Groom Your Long Haired Cat

If you’re planning on regularly grooming your long haired cat at home, here are a few steps to get you started in the right direction.

Trim Their Nails

Cats need their nails regularly trimmed at least once every four to six weeks. You can get this done at the vet or bring them to a grooming salon, but you can easily do it at home.

Starting with the nails will allow your cat to recognize that you’re beginning a grooming session.

Give Your Cat A Bath

As needed, the next step would be to bathe your cat. Again, this can be a quick and gentle process.

Use the right shampoo for your cat, lather them up, rinse them well, and then dry their coat thoroughly.

This brand of shampoo is gentle for all cats, including kittens.

Alternatively, there’s sensitive skin shampoo or de-shedding shampoo.

Clean Their Ears

While wrapped in a towel drying, you can take this opportunity to check their ears. You can do so if they need cleaning with a cat-safe ear-cleaning solution.

Long Haired Cat Grooming: How To Make The Experience Positve |

Brush Their Coat

Finally, it’s time to brush their coat. Once their coat is dry enough, you can give them a thorough brushing to remove any excess loose fur. This will also help the drying process.

You don’t need to bathe them and check their ears continually. However, trimming their nails regularly is a must.

Also, you can get away with brushing their coat two to three times per week, depending on how much they shed.

Long haired cats will shed a good amount. So, you’ll need a good de-shedding brush such as this one. It’s gentle on your cat’s fur and skin.

This wide-tooth comb will undoubtedly do the trick for a brief brush and quick de-matting tool.

Alternatively, you can use this multi-use brush. Not only can you brush and massage your cat with it, but you can also put shampoo on it and use it to lather your kitty in the tub.

Tips For Creating A Pleasant Grooming Experience

Cats groom themselves multiple times a day. Most of them aren’t fans of water, and some might be less inclined to be brushed.

However, grooming your long haired cat is necessary to keep shedding under control and to keep them as clean as possible.

Grooming should be a positive experience for both of you. It should also be a time to bond with your cat and give them one-on-one attention, especially if you have other animals in the home.

So, let’s discuss a few grooming tips to keep it a fun experience for all.

Long Haired Cat Grooming: How To Make The Experience Positve |

Introduce Grooming When Your Cat Is Young

The best thing you can do to get your cat comfortable with grooming is to start as soon as possible. As a young kitten, if introduced to grooming, they’ll quickly get used to the process.

Introducing grooming early can be as simple as leaving out the brushes and combs. Let your kitty explore what they are. Then, you can show them the brushes by holding them up. Allow them to sniff it.

Eventually, you can try gently brushing their back so they can see what it’s used for.

Over time, your cat will get used to the sensation. They’ll also recognize the brush. So, they’ll immediately know it’s grooming time when they see you with it.

Establish A Routine

Also, you’ll want to establish a routine. Cats can quickly get into a schedule, depending on how the home works.

For example, they’ll know when it’s time to be fed. They’ll also know when it’s time for you to go to work and around the time you arrive home.

If you groom your cat regularly, they’ll get used to it. Cats get into habits, so it’d be best to groom them around the same time on the same day.

For instance, if you brush your kitty once a week, choose Tuesday night before bedtime if you know you’ll be home and have the time.

Research The Right Grooming Tools For Your Kitty

There are many brushes, combs, and grooming gloves on the market. But which one is suitable for your kitty?

Before you groom your feline friend, you’ll want to research the various brushes. Then, decide which will be best for your cat and its fur.

For example, some brushes are made for de-shedding. Others are more suitable for short hair rather than long hair.

You can always ask a groomer at your local pet grooming salon if unsure. Of course, you can also ask your vet.

Long Haired Cat Grooming: How To Make The Experience Positve |

Monitor Their Grooming Habits

Since cats easily get into a routine, it should be easy for you to tell how often your kitty grooms itself.

So, you can set aside to groom them accordingly.

It’s a good idea to monitor them when grooming to ensure nothing else is happening. Excessive grooming can be a sign that something isn’t right. On the other hand, if your cat stops grooming itself, that could be a health issue.

Beware Of Mats

Long haired cats are prone to getting mats in their fur. This can occur in hard-to-reach areas. This is because they’re not being brushed often.

In addition, when your cat sheds, the loose hair can get tangled back in its fur. Thus, creating mats. So, you’ll want to clean your house and vacuum any loose hair regularly.

Mats can be challenging to get rid of if not seen early enough. Sometimes, you can brush them out. Other times, you might need to give your cat a quick haircut. 

Feed Your Cat A Healthy Diet

Finally, one of the best ways to keep grooming a happy experience is to make it so grooming light and gentle.

Feeding your kitty a healthy diet through high-quality cat food will promote healthy skin and a shiny coat. Therefore, brushing will be easier to maintain. 

Question Corner: FAQs About Long Haired Cat Grooming

We’ve gone over how to groom your long haired cat, what supplies you’ll need to do so, and tips to make it a positive experience. If you have other questions, look at the frequently asked questions about long-haired cat grooming below. 

Long Haired Cat Grooming: How To Make The Experience Positve |

Can I Bring My Long Haired Cat To The Grooming Salon?

Yes, you can. If your cat is comfortable and social enough with strangers, they’ll certainly benefit from getting a professional bath and haircut. Also, some long haired cats need a professional cut once in a while to keep their skin and coat healthy. 

Can I Give My Long Haired Cat A Bath?

Absolutely. Some cats may not like the bathing process and need to get used to it. You can introduce it slowly to them as you would with brushing. However, keep in mind that you should only bathe them when necessary. Use cat-safe shampoo and dry them thoroughly. 

Can I Use The Same Grooming Tool For All My Cats?

Using the same tools, such as brushes, for multiple cats is not recommended. However, every cat has different skin needs and coat types. So, it’s best to give them their tools. 

How Much Time Should You Devote To Grooming Your Long Haired Cat Every Week?

Aim for at least 30 minutes per week. This will give you enough time to get as much loose hair as possible. Also, it’ll be a great bonding moment for you and your kitty. 

Long Haired Cat Grooming: It’s Easier Than It Seems

Even though cats keep themselves clean, they use their saliva. It’s also easy for long haired cats to get matted fur. So, with a proper routine and gentle brushing, you and your cat can get into a grooming routine that keeps them clean, and they’ll get extra care from you. 

Long Haired Cat Grooming: How To Make The Experience Positve |
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