There are many types of Guppies, and Fancy Guppies are one of them. Most Guppies require similar needs, but let’s learn more about the Fancy Guppy and how to care for it. 

Fancy Guppy Fish Species Overview
Scientific NamePoecilia Reticulata
Size2 - 2.5 inches
ColorVaried, colorful
Lifespan3 to 5 years
Tank RegionMiddle to Top
Care LevelBeginner

Where Does The Fancy Guppy Come From?

Fancy Guppies are native to Central America. However, they originally came from an island northeast of South America and the Caribbean islands.

This particular species of fish make itself at home in tropical, freshwater areas. They can adapt to varied environments but will thrive in warmer freshwater.

Today, the Fancy Guppy can be found all over the world. There are about 300 types of Guppy in the Amazon, Barbados, Brazil, Guyana, Trinidad, Tobago, and Venezuela. 

A group of fancy guppy fish swimming in a fish tank

Fancy Guppy Appearance

Guppies are often well-spotted in pet stores and the while. They’re smaller fish that can come in an array of colors. For example, they can have solid colors of black, blue, green, orange, purple, and red.

In addition, they can also have bi-colors, various patterns, and tail shapes.

Fancy Guppy fish are small. Males are typically smaller than females. For instance, male Fancy Guppies can grow up to two inches long, while females will grow up to 2.5 inches long.

Caring For The Fancy Guppy

Pet care for the Fancy Guppy is relatively simple. They’re hardy fish and are great for beginner fish keepers. 

Tank Setup

Fancy Guppies have a relatively easy tank setup if you know what you’re doing. The chart below explains what this species needs.

Fancy Guppy Aquarium Setup
Minimum Aquarium Size10 gallons
Temperature66°F to 84°F
SubstrateFine gravel, sand
DecorRocks, hiding spots, plants (live and artificial)
Water FlowModerate
pH Range7.0 to 8.0
Water Hardiness10 to 20 dGH

For your Fancy Guppies to thrive, they’ll need a tank that holds at least ten gallons. However, Fancy Guppies shoal, which means they’re schooling fish. You’ll want to have at least three Fancy Guppies in your tank, but having six or more is ideal.

With that in mind, the bigger the tank, the better. They can live well in ten gallons but do better in a tank of at least 15 to 20 gallons. This tank size will allow all your Guppies (and other fish species you might have in the tank) to spread out nicely.

Yes, you can add other fish species to the same tank as your Fancy Guppies. They get along well with other community-like peaceful fish, such as Tetras, Platys, Mollies, and more.

Regarding water conditions, Fancy Guppies like brackish water with pH levels between 7.0 and 8.0. The water flow should be moderate – not too strong of a current, but it shouldn’t be still.

An air pump will help keep the water flow moderate while adding more oxygen into the tank, so it’s a two-for-one deal.

Proper filtration is a must. You can get a power filter, sponge filter, canister filter, or other filters.

Other aquarium supplies include ideal lighting should be on for at least ten to 12 hours per day. They should also have sand or gravel as substrate and plenty of fun decorations in their environment.

Decor can include live plants, artificial plants, and hiding spots like caves.

Remember, your fish tank can be aesthetically pleasing for you, but its first priority is to create a liveable environment for your fish. 

Orange fancy guppy fish


Guppies are small. Therefore they have small stomachs. You can feed your Fancy Guppies once a day, but only enough that they can eat within a minute.

If your Guppies get overfed, they could get sick.

Also, this species is an omnivore. So, you can provide them with fish flakes or sinking pellets and give them live food. In addition, Fancy Guppies can also eat veggies, such as peas, lettuce, and cucumbers.


With proper care, dieting, and environment, Fancy Guppies have an average lifespan of about three to five years. They’re a fairly healthy species of fish, but they are prone to a few conditions.

For example, Fancy Guppies can get the following diseases:

  • Ich (White Spot)
  • Protozoan Fin Rot
  • Velvet (Oodinium)
  • Fungus

Luckily, you’re able to find medication in the fish aisle at your local pet store to help your fish feel better.

Breeding Fancy Guppies

If you have male and female Fancy Guppies in the same tank and are both healthy, then you can expect them to breed.

If you don’t want Fancy Guppy fry, having a school of all females is best. You can have a school of all males, but some male Fancy Guppies can get aggressive with other males.

This species is a livebearer, which means they do not lay eggs. Once they give birth, you’ll have fry swimming around the tank.

Remember that parents (and other fish in the tank) will eat the fry. So, if you see fry swimming about, you can remove them. Place them in a separate tank or a breeder box in the same tank.

Then, when they’re big enough, you can place them back in the same aquarium as everyone else.

Group of fancy guppy fish in a dark fish tank

Question Corner: FAQs About The Fancy Guppy

If you have more questions about the Fancy Guppy, read through the frequently asked questions below.

Where Can You Get A Fancy Guppy?

Fancy Guppies are not a rare species. You’ll be able to find this species (and its many types) in your local pet store.

What’s The Average Cost Of A Fancy Guppy?

The average Fancy Guppy price is around $5 at the pet store. In some cases, if you buy a school (six or more), you’ll get a discount. Also, if you intend to breed your Fany Guppies and buy a breeding pair, you can expect to spend between $25 and $30 on a male and female. 

Are Fancy Guppies Hardy Fish?

Yes, Fancy Guppies are hardy. They’re easy to care for and relatively healthy. Even if the water conditions get messed up, Fancy Guppies can adapt to the environment until it’s fixed.

Are Fancy Guppies Good For Beginners?

Fancy Guppies are an excellent choice for beginner fish keepers. This species can adapt well, are relatively healthy, and has low maintenance to care for.

Are Fancy Guppies Freshwater Or Saltwater Fish?

This species of fish belongs in a freshwater environment. While they won’t do well in a saltwater tank, Guppies can benefit from a bit of salt to help water conditions and heal certain illnesses.

Should You Add A Fancy Guppy To Your Tank?

Whether you have an established aquarium or not, adding Fancy Guppies is a great idea. They’re pretty, fun to watch, and easy to care for.

red fantail fancy guppy fish with text centered reading: Ways To Care For A Fancy Guppy Like An Expert
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