One of the many groups of dogs is called the hound group. There are about 32 purebred dog breeds that are classified in this group. But what is the hound group of dogs? If you want to learn more about this group of dogs, then keep reading. 

Why Are Dog Breeds Categorized Into Groups?

Dog breeds are classified into a few different groups for several reasons. First, these categories make it easier for families to find the right breed for them.

For example, if you live in an apartment, you most likely won’t want a hound dog but a toy dog. Toy breeds are small and require less physical activity, making them ideal for apartment living.

In addition, these groups were created by the American Kennel Club (AKC). The AKC created these groups to make it easier for pups to compete in national dog shows and dog sports.

What Is The AKC Hound Group Breeds?

Hound dogs are classified as such because of the similar characteristics they share. Not only do they share similar traits, but hound dogs have another thing in common: what they were initially bred for.

For example, this group bred purebred dogs to aid hunters on horseback or foot.

There are two types of hounds: scent hounds and sighthounds.

Scent hounds rely on their excellent nose and sniffing skills to find prey for their hunters. They can follow scent trails for miles. In addition, they can find hidden objects, including rescuing people.

Sighthounds are similar to scent hounds. The major difference is that they hunt through their eyes, not their nose. Sighthounds have excellent eyesight and are fast on their feet. They have a lot of stamina to watch fast prey while giving chase.

Finally, any dog breed can be a hound. It depends on their temperament and what they were initially bred for. Hound dogs can be big or small breeds.

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Top Hound Group Characteristics

Aside from their initial job, hound dogs also make excellent family companions. They share many common characteristics, but each dog is different and has its personality.

Let’s look at some of these temperament traits that hound dogs share.


If you’re looking for a cuddly couch potato, the hound dog won’t be the right puppy. Hound dogs are often independent and keep to themselves.

This doesn’t mean they’re not affectionate with their family members. However, they prefer alone time and won’t be up in your business. They won’t shadow you during the day, constantly seeking attention.

These dog breeds can look after themselves during the day without you needing to do much. However, they will still enjoy occasional playtime with you in the backyard and go for long walks.


All dogs bark. However, hound dogs are typically quieter than some other dog breeds. It will depend on the dog’s breed and personality, but most hounds don’t bark much.

Depending on their energy levels, you can live with a hound in a smaller house or even an apartment. However, they’ll prefer to have a bigger area to live in.

Regardless, you won’t need to worry about bothering your neighbors too much.

High Stamina

Hounds typically have a high prey drive, thanks to their background. Also, they have an abundance of energy and high stamina. Hounds can run all day long if they need to.

In most cases, sighthounds are more energetic than scent hounds. Scent hounds often need to stick their hose to the ground or in the air and follow the scent.

Meanwhile, sighthounds often give chase to their prey. So, make sure you have a fenced-in yard that’s tall enough to keep them in if they decide to go after a squirrel.

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Depending on the breed and their personality, most hounds, are single-minded. This means that if they catch a scent or see prey, they’ll go after it until they catch it.

So, if you go out in public with your doggo, then ensure they’re on their leash at all times. Also, ensure you have a fenced-in yard if they go outside alone.

Otherwise, your hound may wander without meaning to and get lost. 

Some Hounds Smell 

Believe it or not; not all hounds will smell pretty all the time. It doesn’t matter how many baths you give them; they might find a way to stink up the house.

Sighthounds are often cleaner than scenthounds. However, any hound can be stinky.

For instance, hounds will usually roll around in the grass or dirt to mark their territory if they scent something else in their yard. 

Which Breeds Are In The Hound Group?

Now that we know a few shared characteristics let’s look at all purebred Hound group dogs. According to the AKC, there are 32 dogs classified as being in the Hound group. They can be big or small dogs, but all have excellent prey drives and energy.

List of Hound Group Dog Breeds
Afghan HoundAmerican English CoonhoundAmerican Foxhound
AzawakhBasenjiBasset Hound
BeagleBlack and Tan CoonhoundBloodhound
Bluetick CoonhoundBorzoiCirneco dell'Etna
DachshundEnglish FoxhoundGrand Basset Griffon Vendeen
GreyhoundHarrierIbizan Hound
Irish WolfhoundNorweigan ElkhoundOtterhound
Petit Basset Griffon VendeenPharaoh HoundPlott Hound
Portuguese Podengo PequenoRedbone CoonhoundRhodesian Ridgeback
SalukiScottish DeerhoundSloughi
Treeing Walker CoonhoundWhippet

Question Corner: FAQs About The Hound Group Of Dogs

If you have more questions about any of the dog breeds listed above, or the Hound group overall, then check out the frequently asked questions answered below.

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Which Hound Dog Breed Is The Most Intelligent?

Out of all 32 hound dog breeds, two of them are the most intelligent. If you’re looking for a smart dog that needs mental stimulation, you can consider looking into an Azawakh or a Bloodhound.

Are Any Hound Breeds Hypoallergenic?

The only hypoallergenic dog breed in the hound group is the Afghan Hound. This doggo has long hair, but they don’t shed or drool much at all. So, it’s a great breed for allergy sufferers.

Which Hound Breeds Are The Best Family Dogs?

The best hound dogs for families (with or without children) are the Beagle, Black and Tan Coonhound, Bloodhound, Borzoi, and the Rhodesian Ridgeback.

Which Hound Dogs Can Live In An Apartment?

If you have a smaller home or live in an apartment, then some hound dogs will thrive in that space. For example, you can consider the Basenji, Basset Hound, Greyhound, Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen, or the Whippet.

Can A Hound Dog Breed Be A Guard Dog?

Even though most hound dogs are independent and may need some alone time, they’re not aggressive breeds. Some breeds may be great watchdogs and protect their territory, but they won’t make great guard dogs.

Should You Get A Hound Group Dog For Your Family?

Hound dog breeds are a delight to have another. So, if you have the time commitment to give them the physical activity they need and aren’t looking for a cuddly pup, then a hound dog might be a good choice. 

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