The Miscellaneous Class of dogs is one of many groups that classify breeds. These groups make it easier for us to categorize dog breeds. Keep reading to learn more about the Miscellaneous Class and which dogs are part of it.

Why Are Dogs Categorized Into Groups?

Dogs are categorized into groups for several reasons. Each breed is placed in a certain group based on its physical attributes, function, and temperament.

By organizing the dog breeds as such, it’s easier for them to compete in national dog shows and dog sports. It’s also easier for people to research breeds when they want to add a furry friend to their home.

There are more than 400 purebred dogs in the world. The American Kennel Club (AKC) only recognizes purebreds and classifies the breeds to organize the massive list. The Miscellaneous Class is one group of nine.

Peruvian Inca Orchid dog lying down outside

What Is The AKC Miscellaneous Class?

So, what is the Miscellaneous Class? All the breeds go into the group when the AKC doesn’t know where to place them.

When a new dog breed is registered, they’re automatically placed in the Miscellaneous Class. This means that the breeds aren’t eligible to earn championship points. However, they can compete in obedience trials and earn those titles.

Then, as the AKC gets to know the breed and see it work, they will be placed in a proper category. Then, they’ll be allowed to compete in shows. 

In a nutshell, the Miscellaneous Class is the group of AKC dog breeds they do not yet recognize. 

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Which Dog Breeds Are In The Miscellaneous Class?

Which breeds are not recognized by the AKC? Which purebred dogs are placed into the Miscellaneous Class? The table below shows all the dogs currently in the Miscellaneous Class.

List of Miscellaneous Class Dog Breeds
Danish-Swedish FarmdogDutch ShepherdJapanese Akitainu
Kai KenLancashire HeelerNorrbottenspets
Peruvian Inca OrchidPortuguese PodengoRussian Tsvetnaya Bolonka
Small MunsterlanderTeddy Roosevelt Terrier

Question Corner: FAQs About The Miscellaneous Class of Dog Breeds

To learn more about the Miscellaneous Class of dog breeds, read through the frequently asked questions answered below.

Which Miscellaneous Class Dog Breed Is The Most Intelligent?

The breeds listed as the most intelligent within the Miscellaneous Class are the Kai Ken and Russian Tsvetnaya Bolonka. 

Are Any Miscellaneous Class Dogs Hypoallergenic?

The Russian Tsvetnaya Bolonka and Peruvian Inca Orchid are considered hypoallergenic. This means they won’t shed as much, making them safe for allergy sufferers. However, no dog is entirely hypoallergenic. 

Danish-Swedish Farmdog lying down outside in the grass

Which Miscellaneous Dogs Are Best For Families With Kids?

You can consider the Kai Ken, Russian Tsvetnaya Bolonka, or the Teddy Roosevelt Terrier if you have young kids in the home. 

Are Any Miscellaneous Class Dogs Good For Apartment Living?

Do you live in an apartment and do not have much yard space? Then the Russian Tsvetnaya Bolonka and Teddy Roosevelt Terrier are good options for you. 

Should You Get A Miscellaneous Class Dog For Your Family?

Miscellaneous Class is simply a list of dogs that don’t know where to belong. However, they’re sure to get categorized someday. Before adopting one of these pups, be sure to do your research.

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