What is a Lynx Point Siamese cat? It’s a cat breed that’s part of the Siamese family. Believe it or not, this crossbreed was created accidentally. Let’s learn more about the loyal, energetic, and affectionate Lynx Point Siamese.

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Lynx Point Siamese Breed Overview
NicknamesLynx Colorpoint Shorthair, Colorpoint Shorthair, Tabby Point Siamese, Tabby Point
Height9 - 10 inches
Weight6 - 12 pounds
Lifespan15 - 20 years
TemperamentAffectionate, Curious, Energetic
Suitable ForSingle Adults, Families, Indoors, Multipet Households, Allergy Sufferers

History Of The Lynx Point Siamese Cat Breed

Ths breed wasn’t known until the 1960s, but this cat has been around since at least the 1940s. But did you know that the Lynx Point Siamese is a mixed breed? This breed comes from the Seal Point Siamese and the Tabby.

Some breeders got adventurous and thought the Siamese cat would look nice with a red coat. So, they crossed a Red Tabby with the Seal Point Siamese. Thus, the Lynx Point Siamese breed was accidentally born. 

For instance, this cat also uses nicknames such as the Lynx Colorpoint Shorthair, Colorpoint Shorthairs, Tabby Points, or the Tabby Point Siamese.

Even though they were initially bred to see what their coat color would look like, this cat breed is one of the sweetest and most affectionate breeds out there.

But first, let’s take a closer look at their appearance.

What You Need To Know About The Unique Lynx Point Siamese | PetSimplified.com
Lynx Point Siamese Cat

What Does The Lynx Point Siamese Cat Look Like?

The Lynx Point Siamese size is medium. They can grow to be about nine to ten inches tall and should weigh between six and 12 pounds. Males might be slightly larger than females. Otherwise, there’s not much difference between the two genders in terms of their appearance.

According to the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA), the breed standard states that the cat should be well-balanced and proportionate.

For instance, they have a wedge-shaped head that’s medium in size but proportionate to the rest of their body. In addition, they have a flat skull with a long, slender neck. In addition to their head, their muzzle is wedge-shaped with a long, straight nose.

They’ll typically have vivid blue eyes that are almond-shaped. Also, their ears are large and broad at the base. The tips form into a point, giving the ears yet another wedge-shaped look.

When it comes to their body, it’s long and graceful-looking. They’re muscular but not too bulky. The legs are long and slim, with the hind legs being longer than the front legs. Their paws are small and oval-shaped. Finally, the tail is long and thin, tapering to a point at the end.

In general, this cat breed resembles the Siamese breed. However, Lynx Point Siamese cats have unique coat colors.

What Coat Colors And Patterns Does The Lynx Point Siamese Have?

Lynx Point Siamese cats have a short, glossy coat that’s fine-textured. Once again, it’s similar to the Siamese cat. However, this breed can come in a few different colors and patterns, making them unique.

For example, they can come in solid colors such as red point or cream point.

On the other hand, they can come in Lynx Point colors, such as the following:

  • Seal Lynx Point
  • Chocolate Lynx Point
  • Blue Lynx Point
  • Lilac Lynx Point
  • Red Lynx Point
  • Cream Lynx Point
  • Seal-Tortie Lynx Point
  • Chocolate-Tortie Lynx Point
  • Blue-Cream Lynx Point
  • Lilac-Cream Lynx Point

Finally, they can also have coats that are part-color point colors. These colors can be the following:

  • Seal-Tortie Point
  • Chocolate-Tortie Point
  • Blue-Cream Point
  • Lilac-Cream Point
What You Need To Know About The Unique Lynx Point Siamese | PetSimplified.com
Siamese Cat

Caring For The Lynx Point Siamese

Lynx Point Siamese cats are relatively easy to care for. However, as with all cats, you’ll need to provide them with proper grooming, diet, and physical activity. Also, you’ll want to bring them to the vet regularly. 


Luckily, this cat breed is low-maintenance when it comes to grooming. Of course, your cat should groom themselves to stay clean, but you can still help out.

For instance, you won’t need to worry about bathing your Lynx Point Siamese. However, you can go over their smooth coat with a rubber brush once a week or every other week. This will maintain the loose hairs and keep any shedding at bay. It’ll also keep their coat smooth and shiny.


As with all cats, you should discuss a meal plan with your kitty’s veterinarian. They’ll be able to help you decide the best diet for your cat. For instance, you can feed your kitty dry kibble or wet canned food.

The wet food can be used as a topper on their kibble, or you can give it to them separately. Both have benefits for your kitten.

For example, wet food is packed with nutrients and is moist to boost hydration. On the other hand, dry food also contains nutrients and will help your cat’s dental needs, strengthening their teeth and jaw.

Overall, be mindful of possible food allergies or food sensitivities. In addition, house cats are prone to obesity. So, be sure only to give them what they need. Talk to your veterinarian if you’re unsure.

Some cat food you can consider are the following:

What You Need To Know About The Unique Lynx Point Siamese | PetSimplified.com
Red Tabby Cat


Lynx Point Siamese cats are active. After they’re spayed or neutered, and they get older, they calm down a little bit. However, they’re playful and enjoy having toys around the house for them to chase and “hunt.”

This cat breed enjoys being around its family members. So, if you have a laser pointer, cat wand toys, or crinkle balls, your kitty will love to romp around.

The funny thing about this breed is that they enjoy playing fetch. So they will get a toy and offer it for you to throw.


Cats are vastly different from dogs regarding training and listening to their owners. Cats are more independent and have a mind of their own, so that training can be tricky. However, Lynx Point Siamese cats are extra curious.

Believe it or not, you can try to train your kitty with a few basic commands and tricks. However, even if they know the command, there’s no guarantee they’ll always obey it.


The average life of a Lynx Point Siamese cat is between 15 and 20 years. This is generally long for a cat, but with a calm environment and great care, this kitty can live even longer than its average lifespan.

Unfortunately, this breed is prone to some cat health issues.

For example, some common health conditions you’ll need to be mindful of are as follows:

  • Gastrointestinal Issues
  • Gum Disease
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy
  • Feline Asthma
  • Neoplastic Problems

With proper cat care, you should be able to nip these health problems in the bud and catch them early.

As with all cats, you should bring your Lynx Point Siamese to the vet at least once a year for their annual check-up. You can bring them more often to ensure they’re growing and developing well as a kitten.

What You Need To Know About The Unique Lynx Point Siamese | PetSimplified.com
Lynx Point Siamese Cat

Lynx Point Siamese Temperament

Siamese cats are temperamental and can be aggressive and independent. When you mix that cat breed with a calm Tabby, you get a calmer Siamese, such as the Lynx Point Siamese.

Overall, this cat breed is independent and curious but also loyal to their family and affectionate.

For instance, this kitty will follow you around the house and be in your business and personal space. As long as you don’t mind having a shadow, this cat will be a fun companion.

In addition, this cat is intelligent (you may even be able to train them) and active. They love to play and are energetic during the day and night.

Are Lynx Point Siamese Cats Good For Families And Children?

This cat breed is great for any family. For example, they can live well in a household with a single adult, couples, or families with children of any age.

However, these cats may be less prone to hang around younger children such as toddlers. In addition, their behavior can be unpredictable, which may prevent your cat from wanting to be around them.

Otherwise, this kitty is energetic and playful. So, they’ll be able to keep up with young kids well and grow up with them.

Are Lynx Point Siamese Cats Good With Other Pets?

Lynx Point Siamese cats are generally friendly and can live harmoniously with other house pets. However, remember that every cat has their personality and may not be as inclined to be around other pets.

For example, if the cat grows up with other pets in the house, they’ll get used to it and get along well with them. But, on the other hand, if you bring in a new pet (such as a dog or cat), your kitty might be reserved or stand-offish at first.

In addition, these cats have a high prey drive. So, if you have small animals in the home, such as hamsters or guinea pigs, your cat will be prone to hunt them down. Therefore, you’ll want to keep your Lynx Point Siamese away from the smaller pets.

Are Lynx Point Siamese Cats Friendly?

Overall, this cat breed is social with its owners. Depending on their personality, they might be skittish when meeting new people.

However, they are generally friendly. After meeting someone new a few times, they’ll get used to that person coming to the house often. 

What You Need To Know About The Unique Lynx Point Siamese | PetSimplified.com
Lynx Point Siamese Cat

Are There Any Differences Between Males And Females?

Every cat is different. Therefore, they each have varied personalities. However, when it comes to the general temperament of this breed, Lynx Point Siamese cats have slight gender differences.

For example, females are more selective regarding their family members. They’ll favor one person over another. They may be moodier as well. Finally, some females are social with everyone while other females are not.

On the other hand, males might be more wild and rowdy than females. However, males are also lazier and more affectionate. In addition, they may be more prone to territorial aggression, even though they may tolerate other pets in the home.

Who Should Own A Lynx Point Siamese?

This cat breed is best suited for families with older children or adults. However, this kitty will surely enjoy your company if you’re home a lot. Also, you’ll want to ensure that you have enough time during the day to give your kitten some attention and playtime. 

Where Can You Get A Lynx Point Siamese?

Where ever you can adopt cats, you should be able to find this breed. For example, you can go through a reputable Lynx Point Siamese breeder, animal shelter, or rescue organization.

It’s always best to adopt and not shop, though.

So, you should begin your search at the animal shelter. They may have a kitten, adult, or senior cat in this breed. If not, you can try going to a rescue organization specializing in Lynx Point Siamese or the overall Siamese breed.

For instance, you can check out Rescue Siamese & Stray Cats.

If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, you can go through a respectable cat breeder for Lynx Point Siamese kittens.

Remember to research breeders before deciding to work with one. For example, they should be knowledgeable about the cat breed and want to meet with you in person. This will ensure you can get to know them, and they can get to know you.

Also, they won’t allow the kittens to leave their mother any earlier than eight weeks. After that, the cats and litter will be cared for well and won’t sit in kennels all day.

A great place to begin searching for a good breeder is to look at the CFA list of registered cat breeders.

What You Need To Know About The Unique Lynx Point Siamese | PetSimplified.com
Lynx Point Siamese Cat

Question Corner: FAQs About The Lynx Point Siamese Cat Breed

If you want to learn more about the Lynx Point Siamese, then look at some of these frequently asked questions below.

What’s The Average Cost Of The Lynx Point Siamese Kitten?

If you go through a shelter or rescue, you can expect a Lynx Point Siamese price to be between $200 and $400 for a Lynx Point Siamese kitten. If the cat is an adult or senior, that lowers the cost. If you go through a breeder, the cost may range up to $1,400.

Should Lynx Point Siamese Cats Be Indoor Or Outdoor Cats?

You’ll want your kitty to be an indoor cat. Not only will this keep them safe from traffic and other predators, but they enjoy having their humans around. Also, they’re too curious for their own good. If they get outside without supervision, it’ll be too easy for them to wander away and get lost.

Are Lynx Point Siamese Cats Purebred?

No, this cat is a mixed breed. They were created accidentally from the Seal Point Siamese breed and the Red Tabby cat.

Are Lynx Point Siamese Cats Hypoallergenic?

Yes, this cat breed is considered to be hypoallergenic. Thanks to their short and smooth coats, Siamese cats shed very little. However, you’ll still want to keep up with brushing to keep them clean and keep the shedding under control.

Are Lynx Point Siamese Cats Vocal?

This breed will talk to get your attention and will sometimes tell you a story. However, they’re not typically as vocal as some other cat breeds.

Are Lynx Point Siamese Cats Rare?

This breed is rarer than the traditional Siamese cat and other types of Siamese cats. However, the Lynx Point Siamese isn’t too difficult to find if you know where to look. You can go through a reputable breeder, animal shelter, or breed-specific rescue organization. 

Do Lynx Point Siamese Cats Sleep A Lot?

As with most cats, this breed may typically sleep for about 16 to 20 hours daily. However, if they take after more of the Tabby parent, they may be more relaxed, sleep and cuddle with you more. On the other hand, if they take after the Siamese parent, they might awake more hours of the day wanting to play. 

Is The Lynx Point Siamese Cat Right For You?

If you’re looking for a fun companion willing to follow you around, cuddle with you, and play, then a Lynx Point Siamese cat is a great option.

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